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CEE’s Energy Label Hits the Streets

Posted by Jenny Edwards  |  Date May 1, 2012  |  Comments 0

The rollout of our Community Energy Services program in St Louis Park, MN was CEE’s opportunity to pilot our new residential energy label. Since the end of March, CEE field staff have provided over 70 ratings to homeowners who signed up for an energy visit. We recently incorporated the label into our Minneapolis CES program.

The philosophy behind the energy index is to focus on five critical efficiency measures: wall insulation, air sealing, heating system, attic insulation, and windows, then scale a home’s points so that any home can achieve a score of 100 if they complete all the cost-effective recommendations. This differs from most current residential energy ratings, which reserve the highest scores for very efficient or even net-zero homes. This design prevents many homes, especially older ones, from scoring well. To encourage realistic energy upgrades, CEE rates a home against its own fullest potential, not how it stacks up against the most efficient houses out there. 

Given our focus on creating a scoring system that motivates clear action, we were excited to see how the rating system worked on real homes. Below are some highlights and early lessons:



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