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Efficient Lighting 101

Posted by   |  Date June 19, 2012  |  Comments 0

As part of our new Innovation Exchange office, we’re putting together several visual displays to showcase our research and program activities and expertise. 

Staff from our One-Stop Efficiency Shop program will use this grid of LED and fluorescent lamps to demonstrate state of the art technologies:

The graphics below are “background story” posters that accompany the grid. 

We’ve all heard to turn off lights while they’re not in use. We wanted to put that advice in context by explaining just how much electricity lighting consumes. From there, we compare the cost, efficacy, and efficiency of different lighting options.

Transforming complex information from multiple sources into a simple narrative isn’t always possible. After gathering data from various reports and checking in with several members of our One-Stop team, we concluded that lighting is complicated! There’s no one perfect lamp: the key is to match the lamp to its application. By breaking down the pros and cons of each technology, we hope we’ve put together a guide for an audience unfamiliar with efficient lighting.

Here, here, and here are some lighting infographics from other groups. How does your organization use data visualization to share information? 

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